Colourful Bookstagram Accounts You Should Follow

Need a bit more colour in your Instagram feed? Here are some of my absolute favourite book accounts who inspire me and pretty much give me #bookstagram goals on a daily basis. Marvel at them, follow them, and let me who else I should be fangirling over.

Oh, and not to miss the opportunity for a shameless plug… take a look at my ol’ Instagram book feed too, which has its fair share of colour, quirkiness and book recs. I’m posting over at @carlyreadsalot. Come and be book buddies with me.

 It me! @carlyreadsalot

It me! @carlyreadsalot







And onto some of my faves. In no particular order, here are some technicolour accounts I think you’ll fall for:

1) @booksandpops

Best Bookstagram Feeds from Better With A Pe Blog - Booksandpops.jpg






Follow for: A fun colourful feed crammed with books and a seriously impressive collection of Funko Pops.

2) @trustytomes

Best Bookstagram Feeds from Better With A Pen Blog - Trustytomes.jpg






Follow for: A gorgeous minimalist feed with pops of pastels and brights.

3) @booksugar






Follow for: Some of the best book hauls and intricately put-together shelves that’ll make you want to re-organise everything.

4) @sweetbookobsession

Best Bookstagram Feeds from Better With A Pen Blog - SweetBookObsession.jpg






Follow for: My favourite rainbow shelves and a multicoloured feed of general gorgeousness.

5) @theartfulelle

Best Bookstagram Feeds from Better With A Pen Blog - Theartfulelle.jpg






Follow for: Next level colour coordination and an envious Penguin Drop-Cap collection.

These Instagram beauts are only a tiny fraction of all the loveliness that’s out there. Anyone else a bookstagram addict? Let me know about your account and your recs for who else I should follow!