Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Comes Next?

The first line is always the one I struggle with, if it’s in my mind before I put pen to paper then generally it’s much easier to write the whole post but if I don’t then I might just waffle on..

After an absence of far too many days, I return to writing feeling the need to list my excuses but I’m pretty sure you would find that boring and why am I trying to excuse myself anyway? You see what I have really been doing over all this time is making very important life changing decisions such as, whether to use Kirstie’s recipe for Christmas cake or Delia’s, or whether to make one at all or whether to buy a double buggy because we are in fact having a SECOND child in just ten weeks (or less? or more?)..

As part of my CARLYwrites anniversary celebrations I did some exciting things; I gave away over a kilo of FairTrade chocolate, I introduced you to some of my nearest and dearest in the form of a guest post, I made my first ever recipe video, I revealed the topfive most-read posts AND.. I forgot to tell you what’s coming next for CARLYwrites (mainly because I hadn’t/haven’t decided yet..)

The reality is that not writing my blog for twenty days may in fact become a bit more normal, I may not be able to supply you with as many inspiring recipes because our current staple is fish fingers and chips and I may not have as many wise offerings to share because my baby is using whatever wisdom and intelligence I have to form tiny fingers and toes and then poke me with them.

I want very much for my blog to inspire and motivate you to be resourceful and wise with your finances, time, gifts and skills and make you laugh now and again too. For now I need to look after the resource that I am to my family and be wise with myself, this means:

I will probably blog maybe once a fortnight and sometimes it might just be to show you something that has caught my eye over the last few weeks or to tell you that ‘All Day Long’ coffee from Sainsbury is in fact the nicest coffee I’ve had in a long time or I might share something that saddens my heart like the fact that parents in Thailand are so enslaved to materialism that they would sell their children into sex slavery to get them a new TV or mobile phone..

In the intervening weeks I want to reveal more guest posts, show you what I’m cooking up for Christmas gifts and tell you about my Foodie Penpals parcels.

Thanks for reading my blog and supporting I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to start this and I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything, just email

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  1. That coffee is amazing. I think a sleep deprived blog would be hilarious...